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Go anywhere but Henry Day Ford! We purchased a new 2013 F350 truck with service plan. We took it in for its 5000 mile service and were told the next day, that a ghost dropped the truck off the service lift in the middle of the night. Within a few days we were told that truck would be replaced due to the extensive damage. The truck was ordered, but after several days the GM said it would cost $1,500.00 to get us into the new truck and we agreed, but a couple of days after that, he called and told us must take the damaged/repaired truck back in a repaired state and they would accept that damaged/repaired truck as a trade in on a new truck. In the end it would cost us $12,500.00 out of pocket to replace the old truck. We have tried to resolve this in a meeting with the GM and Owner. In that meeting, we were told that nothing would be in writing and we would have to trust them on the $12,500.00 quote, but the GM assured us he knew that a new truck was our intension before we ever dropped it off.

Its now been over 3 months since they dropped it and we still don't have it repaired.

Long story short...I think we are taking it in the shorts on this deal.

The first time we met with the GM, he shook my hand and told me "You will be 100% happy when we're done"

We will only be happy if you go somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $12500.


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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1330200

Shittt.You dropped my car.

You get me a new one.Repair isn't enough.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1256971

Thank you this helped me steer far away from this dealership. Get a lawyer and let them handle it from here on out.


Get a lawyer.


You need to get a good attorney


That picture makes me cry.What a beautiful truck.

This is so ridiculous, How can you ever trust a dealer owner?If this is an old post, there's no reason to believe this place has improved its ethics.


Show us under side of the truck...yes, it shouldnt of been left up, but with large tires etc it dont look like it did much damage

to justagirl #967864

The rocker panel is bent and the door gaps are askew, that is serious.


Another review that is out of date. This was posted over a year ago and was never updated or marked as resolved. This should be closed because of these reasons.


The truck needs a new cab and should be sent to an independent frame shop to have it checked for damage.5000 miles is nothing, they clearly take care of this truck.

The dealership is 100% responsible for the damage and this should cost the owner absolutely nothing to fix or replace this vehicle.

I personally would not want it repaired, it will never be the same.It was a nice truck!


You're entitled to have ALL the damage repaired at their expense, not a new truck. Any sensible manager would add something on top to say sorry, but that's not obligatory. You can also probably claim for loss of use, that'd cover a hire vehicle.

It's bad practice to leave lifts up overnight.

to pictsidhe #951357

Yes this lift can't be locked because it's a smooth cylinder hydraulic with no lock points. I believe there are jack stands that can be used though and they did not.

The doors will never close the same on this truck, they will leak badly.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #913326

They should have insurance, and you should go to their insurance to get this taken care of.

If nothing else, take it to the local tv stations.

Pleasanton, California, United States #771898

Sue the jerks you will win


5000 miles isn't a new truck anymore

to Anonymous #929896

5000 miles IS NEW to the owner.


You should not have to pay a penny for this. Are they serious? They should GIVE you a new truck and then some.

to Anonymous Spokane, Washington, United States #1285837

who clicked 2 thumbs down , some asshat dealers ? lol

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